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Fat Club Podcast

Aug 7, 2018

On this weeks episode and season finale, we are so excited to chat with singer songwriter and body positive queen Heather Mae! We have so much fun chatting with Heather about the struggles of being fat and spreading fat acceptance in the music industry. We are even lucky enough to get to share one of our favorite songs...

Jul 31, 2018

This week on Fat Club we chat with Keely, a West Coast Swing instructor and lover of dance! We talk about connecting with your body through dance and finding joy in movement once more! 

 Find Keely on IG and Twitter at @keeler083 

Jul 24, 2018

On this weeks episode we chat with J of Comfy Fat. We talk about the intersections of being fat and non-binary. We discuss their blog and breaking down the walls of gender and fat phobia. 

CW: Body Dysphoria, fat phobia

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Jul 17, 2018

On today’s episode we chat with Danielle’s friend Jessica. Jessica is a Hard Femme Kitchen Witch, and all over badass, about food and our bodies. It’s complex, our relationship to food, our access to food and how we get food. It’s all complex and we discuss this. 


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Jul 10, 2018

On this weeks episode we chat with Whitni a kindergarten teacher. How we talk about Fat with kids matters. Weight stigma begins in kids as young as 3. And no, we don’t just start out in the world hating fat people. On this weeks episode we talk about how weight stigma affects kids and some ways you can protect your...